Friday, 30 December 2011

Meet Alfie

Meet Alfie, my gorgeous Maine Coon cat, he'll probably be making a lot of appearances on here because I just can't resist snapping photos of him - he's too cute. Maine Coon cats are massive, he weighs about 6 kilograms but despite his size the poor thing gets picked on by the other neighbourhood cats. He's such a softie.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Nails

This is a slight variation on what I wore on my nails on Christmas Day. For Christmas I actually wore Models Own Champagne with black gems. The purple polish is Avon Pro Enamel in Violetta Sparkle and was a Christmas gift. Purple isn't a colour I'd usually go for, I always think purple makes your nails look bruised, a bit like you've slammed them in a car door or something. This purple is sparkly though and the sparkles kind of detract from the 'bruised' look.

I've never bought Avon polish before and I'm quite impressed with it. The polishes are £6 each and it lasted for as long as I wanted it to. I'm not allowed to wear nail varnish for work so I had to take this off after two days but it didn't chip before I removed it. It only took two layers to get the colour I wanted too.

The gems are from Accessorize and were another Christmas gift. They came with a set of two nail art pens. The pens have a nib, a brush and a twist off bottom full of sparkles so they're like 3 in 1. Possibly my favourite Christmas present this year, I'm dead excited to try out a few more designs!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Jumper - New Look | Vest - Clothes Show | Jeans - Topshop | Shoes - Topshop | Cross Necklace - Miss Selfridge | Other Necklace - Topshop | Stone Ring - Greek Market

Hi there. First outfit post. I have to say I have a new found respect for fashion bloggers after taking these pictures. It's so bloody difficult! Taking a full length picture proved to be far too hard, there isn't really enough room in my bedroom so I had to make do with these. I also struggled to take a decent picture of my face. What on earth are you supposed to do with it? Am I meant to do a Tyra Banks smize or what? In the end I just put my hair in the way!

I've started a blog after spending a year or so reading other peoples, but never quite daring to start my own. I love writing but don't really get a chance to do much of it so I thought blogging would be a good way to do a bit more of it. Even if it is just writing about what I wear. I also think I sometimes get stuck in a bit of a rut style-wise. I spend five days a week wearing a uniform and when I get in from work I can never be bothered to put on something decent. Hopefully this blog will motivate me to wear something a bit more exciting than my usual jeans. I'm also hoping my photography skills will improve a bit as I start to take more photos.

Today I had a quick trip to town so have a look at the sales. Big mistake, it was absolutely heaving. It took me about half an hour to get parked. I spend about two hours there in total, most of it waiting in queues. and getting dead frustrated with all the other people there. I couldn't live in a big city - crowds really wind me up. Did get a few bits though, I bought a dress from Topshop which was in the sale, a shirt from Primark and the jumper that I'm wearing and some shoes from New Look. The shoes were in the sale, the jumper wasn't. I'm absolutely loving the jumper, it's so soft and snuggly.

Anyway, I'm off for a bath with some of the lovely stuff from Lush that my boyfriend got me for Christmas. Will probably post again tomorrow.