Monday, 30 January 2012

January Glossybox

I got home from work tonight to find this beautiful little package waiting for me, I couldn't wait to rip it open. This months box is Valentines Day themed and offers five products to 'pamper and preen' yourself (before a big date I'm assuming). I'm not sure it lives up to the December box - which was uhhhh-mazing - but I'll definitely use every product.

My least favourite product in the box is the Eyeko eyeliner, I got the pale pink version which is obviously not going to work as an eyeliner as you can barely see it on my skin tone. I'm going to try using this on my inner eye line to open up my eyes a bit. I think I'd love this product if it was black or brown, the formulation is lovely and thick and quite easy to smudge. I'm thinking of buying a black version of this when my trusty Rimmel liner runs out. £9.50 isn't a bad price either.

The FAB Gentle Body Wash isn't that exciting, I don't have sensitive skin so don't really require a gentle body wash. I do prefer something a bit more scented too, although I can understand why a gentle body wash wouldn't have a strong scent. It did leave my skin feeling pretty soft afterwards though.

I love the packaging of the two Davines products but I'm not overly keen on the smell, they both have a similar scent and it kind of reminds me of bleach, it's sort of a strong lemony smell. The Authentic Moisturising Balm can be used on your face, hair and body and is designed to be washed off after use - something which I've never seen in a moisturiser before. It is quite thick and it left my hands lovely and soft but unfortunately didn't have the same effect on my hair. I left it on the ends of my hair for about fifteen minutes and then washed it off with the Davines Authentic Cleansing Nectar. I didn't use any conditioner afterwards because I was scared it would leave my hair greasy. After blow drying my hair it actually feels quite dry though so I think I'll be sticking to using this on my body. I'm not going to bother using the Cleansing Nectar on my hair again either as it seems like it would be too drying if I were to use it on a regular basis.

I haven't used the Murad Skin Perfecting Primer yet but am really looking forward to doing so. I usually use a primer by GOSH which I love but from testing it out on my hand I think I'm going to love this even more. I was put off by the dark colour at first as I'm so pale but when I rubbed it in the colour disappeared. It left my skin feeling velvety soft too, the perfect base for makeup. I'm hoping I don't fall too in love with this product, £29 for a 30ml bottle isn't exactly cheap.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the contents of this months box, I'll definitely be using everything.

Speak soon x

Sunday, 29 January 2012

OPI Rainbow Connection Dupe.

I was reading a review of OPIs Rainbow Connection (God knows where) which mentioned this dupe from Bodycare and I knew I had to purchase, at 99p how could I say no! It's by a brand called Technic, which I've never heard of before, and the shade is called Carnival. I was actually thinking about splashing out on the real thing but I'm so glad I found this, £10.50 is a lot to spend on a nail polish, especially since I only get two days a week where I'm actually allowed to wear it.

I am completely in love with this nail varnish and I don't know why because I'm not particularly into girly glittery nails, here I've paired it with Barry M Strawberry. General consensus (mum, sister and boyfriend) was that my nails looked like those of a 12 year old, not that I care though, I've spent all day looking down at my nails and smiling. 

The polish consists of three different sized pieces of glitter in a whole rainbow of shades. It does take a few coats for a full build up of glitter - I achieved this look after three coats. The only downside to this, like any glitter polish is that it's an absolute nightmare to remove. I'm just glad I've removed it tonight, I definitely would've been late for work in the morning if I'd tried to take it off them.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

That was the 90s; 90 to 95.

Dress - Topshop

This dress reminds me of something my mum used to wear in the 90s, not sure if you can really see it here but it buttons all the way down the front. I wore it with my trusty cross necklace and a pair of biker boots to add even more of a 90s edge to it. I'm loving the 90s vibe at the moment, especially the Topshop 90s Grunge collection, completely lusting over most of it.

I googled 'song lyrics about the 90s' to try and find a title for this post and ended up coming across The 90s by Robbie Williams. I searched for the video on YouTube to have a listen and it's completely awful, one of those bad rap tracks that Robbie likes to do. Cringe. I had to turn it off half way through.

Just want to say hi to my new followers btw :) thanks for following.

Speak soon x

Friday, 27 January 2012

The sweetest thing.

I just couldn't resist sharing these with you, they're just so cute. Bath bombs that look like cakes and sweets, all wrapped up like a posh box of chocolates too. My boyfriend got me them for Christmas and I still haven't used them, they're just too pretty. He got them from Firebox, which I'd never heard of until this Christmas (I think he bought like all of his Christmas presents from there), it's one of those generic gifty kind of websites, I've had a browse and it appears to be a pretty good one though. I think I've already picked out what everyone I know will be getting for their birthdays this year. 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sweep your feet right off the ground.

Skirt - River Island | Tshirt - H&M | Necklaces - Topman and Miss Selfridge | Rings - Pandora, H&M, eBay

Wore this outfit for a a trip to the Dehli Lounge with the girls last night. All I seem to do is eat out lately, not that I'm complaining haha. The food was lovely, although I have had nicer curries but I'd definitely go back. Apparently they do a buffet night on a Sunday which would be ideal - I'd love to try a bit of everything.

I'm loving this aztec pencil skirt, it was only £20 from River Island. It's not the best if you're planning on eating loads though and it's quite restricting to walk in - dead nice to look at though. I haven't taken this cross necklace off since I got it, I think it's featured in about three outfit posts already haha. I absolutely love it though.

I had a lovely weekend in Durham with my boyfriend although we didn't actually do that much. On Saturday we had a pub lunch and then spent the afternoon relaxing before eating out on Saturday night. On Sunday we went to the Metro Centre and then ate at Fat Buddha that night (see - all I do is eat out). We ended up drinking a bit too much as we thought it would be a good idea to try loads of different cocktails. It certainly didn't seem like such a good idea when I woke up hungover on Monday morning.

I'm just having a cosy night in tonight. I'm currently curled up with the cat on the sofa watching Greys Anatomy. Absolute bliss.

Speak soon x

Monday, 23 January 2012

DIY Studded Denim Shorts

Such a blogger cliche I know but I've been after a pair of studded denim shorts for ages now and I refuse to pay the silly prices that eBay sellers charge so instead I bought the jeans and studs separately - much cheaper. The jeans were only £2.50 and they're Levi's as well and the studs only cost me about £3, both from eBay.. The jeans weren't quite what I wanted when they arrived, I wanted a more high waisted pair. Clearly I hadn't looked at the auction properly and just bought the jeans because they were going cheap. I've tried to make them work but I think I'll buy a more high waisted pair and do the DIY again. Here's what I did anyway...

Looking at these I've decided they're not quite distressed enough, I think I want them a bit more worn looking. Time to get the sandpaper out!.

Speak soon x

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Barry M Croc Effects

According to Barry M Croc Effects is a 'stunning development following the best selling crackle range.' I was never a huge fan of the crackle polishes, although I did try them out. I just always thought they looked a bit tacky and a little bit like chipped nail polish rather than the intended crackle effect. I did find it fascinating watching the cracks appear though.
I'm always one to get excited over new beauty products though so I had to have a go of this. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea though - both the Boots stores I tried were sold out so I had to buy it online. I wasn't best pleased with this because I'm so impatient and wanted to try it out that very second.

It's a bit different from the crackle polishes in that you have to apply it over a coat of tacky nail polish rather than applying over completely dry polish. You also have to apply a really thin layer to get the best results. The cracks appear a lot more slowly than the original crackle polish but it was quite entertaining watching them appear (one of those 'wowwww, how do they do that' moments). It took about three minutes in all for the pattern to form.
I do like the pattern it creates but I still can't get over my issues with tacky crackle polish. I think that's because I used Barry M Bright Red as a base colour and I just don't like the black against red. I think it would look better over a gold perhaps or over neutral colours as that would give a more animalistic effect. I think I've got some experimenting to do.
A slide downside is that this seems to chip really easily, I've had it on my nails for about two hours and there's already a chip in my thumb. Maybe a top coat would've prevented that though. Another issue is that you have to get your application just right if you want the cracks to appear in the same way on all your nails. You can see on my middle finger in the photo that the cracks haven't appeared as nicely as they have on the other nails. Very annoying, especially for someone like me who likes her nails perfect.
I do much prefer this to the original crackle effects polishes and I hope they bring out a few more colours. Not the usual pinks and blues though, perhaps a dark brown or a grey. Something that will really bring out the animal effect because let's face it, you don't get pink crocodiles.
Speak soon x 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lying in your attic, I can feel the static.

Dress - Topshop | Belt - Primark

I wore this outfit to go to Akbars with my boyfriend over a week ago, I just haven't got round to posting the photos yet. We had a lovely night even though we had to wait an hour for a table - maybe going on a Friday night was a mistake. The food is lush though so it was worth the wait.

I've had this dress for years and I don't know why I don't wear it more often because it's so easy to just throw on. It looks cute dressed down for the day with tights and boots but also looks good dressed up for a night out with heels. I'm hoping that by taking photos of my outfits I'll be more creative with my wardrobe and actually get some wear out of the clothes I forget about.

Not been up to that much this week, I've just been working as per usual. I'm working Monday-Friday this week instead of Tuesday-Saturday which means I've got the full weekend off which I can't wait for. My boyfriend is off too so hopefully we'll be having a little trip away somewhere. I think we're going to head up to Durham so we can eat at Fat Buddha. Yum yum yum, I can just hear the Tom Yam soup calling my name as I type this...

Speak soon x

Sunday, 15 January 2012

You used to say I couldn't save you enough.

Shorts - River Island | Vest - H&M | Sleeveless Cardigan - Primark | Belt - Primark | Necklace - Miss Selfridge

This is what I wore for a quick trip to Boots for a few essentials (shopping again - terrible). I was really after some Barry M Croc Effects nail varnish but I couldn't find any. I went to two different Boots and they'd both sold out. Tried Superdrug as well but it didn't look like they'd even had any in at all. The girl in there didn't have a clue what I was talking about when I asked. Ended up ordering it online and having to pay for delivery. Hate that haha.

Got a few other bits but nothing exciting, just some lipstick sealer and some Sally Hansen nail strengthener. I've found that my nails split whenever they start to get long and its really annoying me because they've never done that before. Hoping the nail strengthener will work. I'm going to try and eat a bit more calcium too which should help.

I also bought the 17 BB foundation. I did want the No.7 one but it only comes in two shades and the light was far too dark for my skin. The 17 one was about half the price as well though - bonus. I think I'll review it once I've tried it out.

Speak soon xx

Thursday, 12 January 2012

If I promise to go to church on Sunday.


Top - George at Asda | Necklace - Miss Selfridge | Jeans - Topshop

Wore this for a quick shopping trip on Tuesday, every day off I have I seem to spend shopping. Need to stop that. I only bought a few basic tops and a birthday present though.

In other news, I ordered a MacBook Air last week and it arrived on Tuesday. My old laptop gave up a few months ago and I've been lusting after a MacBook for ages so I decided to bite the bullet and buy one. I've only ever used Windows before and I'm finding it a huge change - I do love it but I don't have a clue how to use it. All the Windows keyboard shortcuts are so ingrained into me - I've just had to Google how to copy and paste!

I got a flyer from work this afternoon, I ended up working 9-1 instead of 9-5. I could definitely get used to four hour shifts.  I've spent this afternoon reading Dark Matter and I managed to get it finished. I love having a bit of time to myself to read, I used to be a complete bookworm but I find that I don't have much time for it anymore. I'd really recommend Dark Matter, it's a ghost story about a group of scientists overwintering in an island above the arctic circle. It's really tense and I found myself too scared to venture out of my bedroom after a particularly frightening chapter. Not my usual type of book but I couldn't put it down.

Speak soon x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What's in my make up bag?

I love reading these types of posts on other blogs - I'm dead nosey - so I thought I'd do one of my own. Here goes...

This is my make up bag, I absolutely love it. I got it in the Topshop sale for £7 down from £14. I wanted it before it was reduced though and never got round to buying it. It's just the right size as well, big enough to fit all my essentials in but not so big that it's too bulky.

These are my eye make up essentials, there are a few more bits hiding in the depths of my make up bag but they looked so worn out I thought it was best not to photograph them.

Topshop Liner in Black
Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Lash Booster
Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara in Black
ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black
Beauty UK Eye Shadow Collection in 4
Blink and Go Eyeshadow and Blush Palette in 02

The Max Factor mascara is my absolute favourite. It makes my lashes so long and defined - just how I like them. I've been buying this for years now and haven't found anything else better. I'm always open to suggestions though so if anyone knows of an amazing product please let me know.

The Blink and Go palette is from Decembers Glossybox and has the colours you need to create a gold smokey eye or a black smokey eye. It also contains two blushes but they're a bit too highly pigmented for me. I think my skin tone is a bit too pale to take them during the winter, maybe they'll look better during the summer when I have a bit of a tan. Or maybe I just need to apply them with a lighter hand.

These are my every day base essentials. I also use Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer over the top of the foundation but that was hiding away in my handbag when I look these photos.

No.7 Creme Touch Face Powder in Translucent
Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer
Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation in Light Ivory
17 Blusher in China Pink

Since I've been taking photos for my blog I've noticed that this blusher looks massively pink of my face, I think it might be time to switch to something a bit softer.

I've just included the essentials in this post, there's also a few make up brushes kicking around in my make up bag but they're in need of a good wash so I didn't bother to take any photos.

Speak soon x

Monday, 9 January 2012

Saturday Night

Dress - Topshop | Waistcoat - Primark

This is what I wore to go out on Saturday night. It ended up just being me and my boyfriend, his friends all dropped out for various reasons but we ended up having such a good night with just the two of us. We started in his local pub and then moved onto Kubar to watch a Strokes tribute band. I'm not a huge Strokes fan but I actually knew quite a few songs - they sounded just like the real thing as well. We went onto another club later on and met up with a few of my friends. We weren't out super late but I had a really nice time. I didn't think clubbing with my boyfriend would be so much fun, it's not really a coupley thing to do is it?

I've had this dress for about three years now. I bought it to wear during freshers week (I graduated last year). I don't wear it that often though because it has a massive hole in the back. It is supposed to be there - I'm not wearing a broken dress - but it's right where my bra strap goes and I hate it when you can see people's underwear. I wouldn't dream of going bra-less either so I added another layer. I usually add a grey blazer on the rare occasions I wear this dress but I thought I've give this outfit a 'rockier' edge with this gilet. I hardly ever wear the gilet either actually because I find it hard to style, I never really know what to wear underneath it.

Speak soon x

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dressing like an old lady.

T-shirt - Topshop | Cardigan - H&M | Skirt - ASOS | Necklace - Topshop

A midi skirt and oversized cardigan absolutely screams old lady doesn't it? Oh well, I was warm on a freezing day. Function over fashion and all that. I've had this cardigan for years and absolutely love it. I bought a 12 instead of the usual size 8 because that's all they had left. I do like wearing it oversized - it's cosier - even if it sometimes falls off my shoulders.

Just a quick post as I need to go and get ready, I'm off to watch my boyfriends friends band. I'm going to be the only girl in a group of boys. Should be interesting haha. Might blog tonights outfit if I get the chance to take outfit photos.

Speak soon xx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Snake Pit

Shirt - Primark | Leotard - George at Asda | Necklace - Topman | Jeans - Topshop

Bit of a boring outfit, not sure I'm actually a fan of this shirt. I didn't bother to try it on because there was a huge queue for the changing rooms in Primark. I think I just bought it because I'd trailed all the way round town and hadn't found anything worth buying. I hate going home empty handed, it feels like a complete waste of a shopping trip. I don't think I'll end up wearing it that often really, I completely hate the feel of it. It's that awful cheap material that all primarks sheer shirts come in. I do love the high waisted jeans I've got on but they're so tight, I really struggle to do the buttons up. It's a nightmare when they've just been washed.

I've not been up to much interesting this week, I've spent Tuesday, Wednesday and today at work and had a catch up with the girls at the pub last night which was lovely. I don't get to see them as often as I'd like to so it's nice to have a good natter over a bottle of wine. We've planned a few nights out for the end of the month though so I'm looking forward to that.

I tried out the hair volumising powder that I bought earlier in the week and I'm really not loving it, it's quite sticky and I don't think it gives me much more volume. I think i'll have to do a proper review on it.

Speak soon x

Monday, 2 January 2012

A little bit rock n roll

Shirt - Miss Selfridge | Leotard - George at Asda | Leggings - Missguided | Necklace - Primark

Wore this outfit for a quick shopping trip, I had a few bits to take back. Returned two dresses, one to Primark and one to Topshop. I ended up spending more in Primark than I returned though. I got a cute heart print shirt and a cushion with the London skyline printed on it. I also bought some VO5 hair volumising powder, so excited to it out.

Absolutely loving the leggings I'm wearing. I have trouble styling them up though, I find that they don't look as good if I don't wear heels but I feel silly wearing heels in the day time. My Topshop Allegra boots seem to go perfectly though, and they aren't too high for daytime wear.

I'm currently chilling out in front of the TV in my new Hollister sweatpants. They're the comfiest things I've ever worn, so soft and snuggly. I'm watching Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone on ITV, its one of my favourite of the whole series, behind both Deathly Hallows films though - they're by far the best ones.

Oh and I still quite haven't figured out what I'm supposed to do with my face in outfit photos. Can you tell haha?

Speak soon :)