Monday, 23 January 2012

DIY Studded Denim Shorts

Such a blogger cliche I know but I've been after a pair of studded denim shorts for ages now and I refuse to pay the silly prices that eBay sellers charge so instead I bought the jeans and studs separately - much cheaper. The jeans were only £2.50 and they're Levi's as well and the studs only cost me about £3, both from eBay.. The jeans weren't quite what I wanted when they arrived, I wanted a more high waisted pair. Clearly I hadn't looked at the auction properly and just bought the jeans because they were going cheap. I've tried to make them work but I think I'll buy a more high waisted pair and do the DIY again. Here's what I did anyway...

Looking at these I've decided they're not quite distressed enough, I think I want them a bit more worn looking. Time to get the sandpaper out!.

Speak soon x


  1. Ah, this is a great idea to do with an old pair of jeans! Thanks for the idea! xoxo

  2. I have studs on order to do this <3 x

  3. A great idea, thank you for posting it! Vanessa xx

  4. They look great, I want to pick up some cheap denims from ebay and go mad studding and dip dying them all!

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  6. these look really good! I want to try it too.

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