Monday, 30 January 2012

January Glossybox

I got home from work tonight to find this beautiful little package waiting for me, I couldn't wait to rip it open. This months box is Valentines Day themed and offers five products to 'pamper and preen' yourself (before a big date I'm assuming). I'm not sure it lives up to the December box - which was uhhhh-mazing - but I'll definitely use every product.

My least favourite product in the box is the Eyeko eyeliner, I got the pale pink version which is obviously not going to work as an eyeliner as you can barely see it on my skin tone. I'm going to try using this on my inner eye line to open up my eyes a bit. I think I'd love this product if it was black or brown, the formulation is lovely and thick and quite easy to smudge. I'm thinking of buying a black version of this when my trusty Rimmel liner runs out. £9.50 isn't a bad price either.

The FAB Gentle Body Wash isn't that exciting, I don't have sensitive skin so don't really require a gentle body wash. I do prefer something a bit more scented too, although I can understand why a gentle body wash wouldn't have a strong scent. It did leave my skin feeling pretty soft afterwards though.

I love the packaging of the two Davines products but I'm not overly keen on the smell, they both have a similar scent and it kind of reminds me of bleach, it's sort of a strong lemony smell. The Authentic Moisturising Balm can be used on your face, hair and body and is designed to be washed off after use - something which I've never seen in a moisturiser before. It is quite thick and it left my hands lovely and soft but unfortunately didn't have the same effect on my hair. I left it on the ends of my hair for about fifteen minutes and then washed it off with the Davines Authentic Cleansing Nectar. I didn't use any conditioner afterwards because I was scared it would leave my hair greasy. After blow drying my hair it actually feels quite dry though so I think I'll be sticking to using this on my body. I'm not going to bother using the Cleansing Nectar on my hair again either as it seems like it would be too drying if I were to use it on a regular basis.

I haven't used the Murad Skin Perfecting Primer yet but am really looking forward to doing so. I usually use a primer by GOSH which I love but from testing it out on my hand I think I'm going to love this even more. I was put off by the dark colour at first as I'm so pale but when I rubbed it in the colour disappeared. It left my skin feeling velvety soft too, the perfect base for makeup. I'm hoping I don't fall too in love with this product, £29 for a 30ml bottle isn't exactly cheap.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the contents of this months box, I'll definitely be using everything.

Speak soon x


  1. aww that looks so cute in the package! Hope you enjoy everything in it :) x

  2. that's so neat! the skin perfecting primer is actually quite nice...used it back in the day : ]

    i just started following and i'm thrilled to see what else pops up on here. definitely say hi/follow back if you fancy, miss!

  3. What fantastic wrapping. Marketing is truly in the whole package..right down to the last detail!

  4. Defintiely a good box! Glossybox in Oz are giving us the pink one for feb, hope the contents are just as good!

  5. Love the pink box! The primer sounds great.

  6. I got one of these too - excited to use the products!


  7. super leuk!de producten zien er allemaal super cool uit!

  8. Lovely review. This is the first glossybox in a while that's "woo"'d me. x hivenn

  9. awww wow you blog is cute :) I love all your ootd and things too. I noticed you are unhappy with some of your glossy box products, just thought I'd let you know there is actually a page on Facebook for Glossybox swaps :).



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