Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lying in your attic, I can feel the static.

Dress - Topshop | Belt - Primark

I wore this outfit to go to Akbars with my boyfriend over a week ago, I just haven't got round to posting the photos yet. We had a lovely night even though we had to wait an hour for a table - maybe going on a Friday night was a mistake. The food is lush though so it was worth the wait.

I've had this dress for years and I don't know why I don't wear it more often because it's so easy to just throw on. It looks cute dressed down for the day with tights and boots but also looks good dressed up for a night out with heels. I'm hoping that by taking photos of my outfits I'll be more creative with my wardrobe and actually get some wear out of the clothes I forget about.

Not been up to that much this week, I've just been working as per usual. I'm working Monday-Friday this week instead of Tuesday-Saturday which means I've got the full weekend off which I can't wait for. My boyfriend is off too so hopefully we'll be having a little trip away somewhere. I think we're going to head up to Durham so we can eat at Fat Buddha. Yum yum yum, I can just hear the Tom Yam soup calling my name as I type this...

Speak soon x


  1. Mmmmm I love(d) Akbars!! I to a hunger wave when I read that - did you enjoy it? I'm following now and looking forward to seeing your photos and what you ate.

    Love the dress too - good old Topshop!! :) x

  2. Love it !!!


  3. such a cute gorgeous outfit (: i haven't been to akbars in ages ! =0=

    CMPang x

  4. Hey! im glad you found the post about the eyebrows useful hun.. you look great.. xx

  5. was looking through your blog, and falling in love with all your clothes, and then you go and quote Stornoway... so now I'm DEFINITELY following! aha :)
    Flora x

    1. Haha thanks, my boyfriend got me into them and now I can't stop listening to their music. x


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