Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My Unwanted Beauty Box

I saw this idea on Lauren's blog and knew I needed to have a go. Laurens idea was to create a beauty box full of unwanted items each month and use them all month to use them up. My room is completely cluttered with beauty products that I never use but I hate to see them go to waste, so in an attempt to clear out my cluttered bedroom (I have 16 tubes of moisturiser sat under my bed - seriously, who needs 16?) I'm loading a selection of items I barely use and want rid of into a box and aim to use them up thoughout February.

So, what's in my box:

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Crystal Hold Hairspray

A bottle of hairspray that I hardly ever use, I know its for blonde hair but it sprays clear. I used to have blonde hair about two years ago and this came in a set that I was given as a gift - I can't believe its been hanging round my bedroom for two years. Not much to say about this, its just hairspray, not a particularly good one but not a bad one either. This is nearly empty so should be gone in a few days time.

Champneys Spa Indulgence Bubble Heaven

I was given this for Christmas in a set and have put it in the box simply for the reason that it smells gorgeous and I can't wait to use it. I've already used up the shower gel from the same kit and it was so moisturising - I'm hoping this will be the same.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Shower Gel

This came in a Glossybox a few months ago and I want rid of it simply because I don't like the smell. It's only a miniature so it should be gone soon. 

Umberto Gianni Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm

This is a leave in conditioner and I don't think I've even used it once. I'm always scared that these kind of things will make my hair greasy. This came in a set with a shampoo and conditioner which were both lovely so lets hope this is lovely too.

Mark Hill Diamond Shine Spray

Another product which has never been used, I never think that these kinds of products actually do that much. It can't hurt to try it though and again it's only a small bottle which shouldn't take too long to get through.

N-Spa Relax Body Milk

This is in the box because I'd already started a quest to get through my many moisturisers and this is the one I decided to use up first. I like this one because its quite a thin formula in a spray bottle so I can just spray it where I want and rub it in rather than having to faff around scooping it out of a tub.

Botanics Pore Perfecting Deep Clean Mouse

I started to use this ages ago but then switched so Lush's Angels on Bare Skin as I needed something more exfoliating. I don't really need to use an exfoliator that often now though so I'm switching back to this in a bid to get rid.

So, thats my box - lets see how many of them I actually use.

Speak soon x


  1. I know I have a lot of producs that I don't use mainly because I didn't like the effect but they're still in my bathroom!

  2. cute!!!


  3. I saw this and I think it's such a great idea, I'm the same I have so many unused products that need getting through.


  4. uh i would TOTALLY take that umberto gianni off your hands! i use so much of his stuff - trust me, your hair won't be greasy in the morning, and if it is, a quick cold rinse and it'll be fine :) xx

    1. I'm really quite liking it, it makes my hair look really shiny and gets rid of all the static. Dead glad I've discovered something lovely x

  5. hey doll i'm nominating you for the cute blog award xx

    here's the link

  6. Lol i think this a great idea... it may help me lessen the beauty product overload in my room too

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  7. This is a great idea! Wish I'd done this instead if throwing away loads of stuff. xx


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