Monday, 30 April 2012

My Beauty Essentials - Fast & Fruity Nail Polish Remover

I'm thinking of making 'My Beauty Essentials' into a mini series, just so I can show you lovely lot some of the beauty products that I've been loving lately. First on the list is this Fast & Fruity nail polish remover, it's similar to this nail polish remover from Bourjois, which costs £4.99. I find that pretty steep for a nail polish remover - especially when this baby will do the job for only 85p!

Nail Polish Remover - Home Bargains

This product comes in a small tub with a sponge inside, there's a slit cut through the middle of the sponge to stick your finger in. All you have to do is twizzle your finger around a bit and voila, your nail polish is gone! I've found that this is much better than the traditional cotton wool method, the sponge is pretty abrasive so is really effective at removing polish. It's pretty good on glitter polish too, I find that it breaks it down much quicker than other nail polish removers. It's also acetone free so can be used on false nails.

The only downside to this is that it gets dirty quite quickly, if you wear a lot of dark coloured polish it'll need replacing pretty quickly, though as it's so cheap that doesn't really matter. It also absolutely stinks, this one is supposed to be peach flavoured but there is nothing peachy about it. It has me gagging and coughing if I leave it open too long - I wonder if the Bourjois version smells any better. Oh, and don't try and stick your toes in there - it doesn't work, this product is strictly for fingers only!

Speak soon. x


  1. I am tempted to try one of these pot nail polish removers, they look so easy. I really hate taking my nail polish off so maybe this would help!
    I love the idea of this series :) x

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  3. Great idea for a series! i want one of these pots and 85p sounds so much better than nearly 5 quid!

  4. Great to know this trick - thank you for the post! <3

  5. love your blog!


  6. wow i payed like £6 for a product similar to this one! cant believe it was only 85p. thanks for the review x

  7. lol i just had a thought of trying to stick my toes in that! haha! wow 85p i must try this! x

  8. What a bargain! It's really helpful to know that SOMETHING works on glitter polish!
    Where can I find this stuff?
    N xoxo


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