Sunday, 8 July 2012


I'm absolutely loving these picture collages (is that the right word) at the moment - I've just joined Pinterest and these are pretty much all I've been pinning. The third picture is my favourite here, I love the way they're arranged - I'd really like to try something like this in my hall but I'd never manage to make it look so good. I also don't think our landlord would appreciate me making lots of holes in the wall!

Anyway, here's my own attempt. I've been slowly collecting the pictures over the last couple of years. The edges are so wonky at the moment but I quite like it that way, and anyway when I do straighten them up they end up uneven after a few days! I think its the washing machine that does it!


  1. I love them too, they look so cool! X

  2. I love these, would definitely have my own when I eventually move out into my own house! x

  3. THis is something that I have been meaning to do for AGES. I especially love when odd frames are built up together :)

    Courtney from Strawberree Swing

  4. Thank you for your adorable comment! What a pity for the necklace :((
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  6. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog ;)
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  7. I love these pictures it gives a real sense of character.

  8. looks so lovely!

  9. i always think picture/wall/tchotchky collages look so neato-burrito! if my apartment had more wall space, i would definitely do one.
    your version ended up looking really good! i love the motorcycle print!


  10. it's amazing! Follow you on bloglovin, maybe follow me back?

  11. amzing photos, love your blog.;)
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    xoxo A.;)

  12. Your blog is great :D
    Nice photos <3

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  13. This is awesome! Great blog, loved it! Come by and let's follow each other? I'd love to do that;) xx

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  15. I love these pics! Wanna make a wedding wall like that ^^
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