Sunday, 19 August 2012

Meet Batman

Just wanted to introduce everyone to my mums adopted rabbit - Batman. Yes it's a bit of a silly name but he was one of a pair, Batman and Robin. He used to belong to my sisters friend's little boy and that's who named him. Unfortunately him and Robin didn't get on very well so my family ended up adopting him. He's been a house rabbit his whole life so he's really tame and will happily sit on your knee and hop around the living room, although my dad has built him a run in the garden because he felt sorry for him being all cooped up inside. Isn't he sweet...

Speak soon. X


  1. Awh he's gorgeous! I think it's a cute name too! My rabbits are called Bambi and Alice - named by my niece after Disney characters of course. xo

  2. Awww how cute... And not a silly name at all, it's awesome ;) x

  3. So cute and the best name ever!


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