Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wednesday Wishes

Jacket - £58 - Topshop

How quickly does Wednesday come round! Making me realise how crap I am at blogging lately, I only ever seem to post twice a week. I do work a 45 hour week though and when I get home I'm usually knackered and blogging is the last thing on my mind! But I shall try harder as blogging is something I really enjoy.

Anyway, this lovely lovely jacket is at the top of my lust list this week. I went for a wander round Stockton on my day off on Monday (mainly for a look around the charity shops, which turned out to be a bit rubbish) and ended up trying this on in Topshop. I tried on the petite version, not sure why because even though I'm only 5ft2 I never shop in the petite section - I find everything to be stupidly short. Lo and behold the petite version was stupidly short but the fur around the collar was so soft that I just fell in love with it. Come pay day I think I'll be splurging on the regular version.

I did see a similar jacket in Primark a couple of weeks ago, the only difference was that the Primark version had quilted sleeves, and really regret not buying it now as it was only £25, less than half the price of this one. When I popped back in last week though it was gone! Lets just hope they get it back in stock soon!! 

Speak soon. X


  1. Thats such a nice jacket! I really want a real leather jacket but they are just so damn expensive! x

  2. That's a very pretty jacket! I think I have way too much outerwear for a girl in Hawaii, but whatever. Outerwear is my favorite thing to buy :D

    xo Amy


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