Monday, 26 March 2012

It starts in the theatre

Tshirt - Topshop | Leggings - Missguided | Clutch - Primark | Necklaces - Topshop and Primark

I wore this to go out for a meal for my cousins birthday on Saturday night. She wore a hoody so I ended up feeling a little overdressed sat next to her. I'd rather be overdressed than underdressed though!

I had a lovely weekend this weekend. I got my hair cut on Saturday morning, I had a side fringe cut back in. It doesn't look as good today though now that I've washed my hair and done it myself. I hate it when that happens.

On Saturday afternoon me and David went shopping for housey bits, we bought a TV which was an absolute bargain! It's a 43 inch Samsung one and was £300. Let's just hope it fits in our flat!

Yesterday was lovely so we decided to go to the seaside. We went to Redcar and had a walk up and down the beach. To be honest we could have chosen somewhere better, Redcar is being regenerated at the moment and it a complete and utter building site. I can't wait to see what its like when its finished though but I don't think it'll be any time soon.

Speak soon. x

Edit: I'm selling a few bits on eBay if anyones interested


  1. hello sweetie! Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting my blog. I really like yours - it's quite interesting, appealling and I totally identify myself with it. I'm your new follower now and would love you to follow back if you like my blog as well. Thanks a lot for your feedback.
    have a nice week and I'll be back for sure

  2. Very cute clutch!! And I must agree I would always prefer to be over dressed vs under!!

  3. Really lovely outfit! You look great :) x

  4. i hate being under dressed! Worst ever. That's a bargain of a tv! Hope its fit too.
    Have a fab week.

  5. Nice look! This is very close to my style so of course I love this outfit, hehe ^^ Gorgeous clutch btw !

    Thank you so much for the nice comment :> It was just some simple salad and mozzarella pizza from the market, but did taste great !

    I hope you have a lovely day,

    - Indie by Heart

    Ps. Birthday Giveaway

  6. Please give me that T-shirt! ;)

  7. Love your T-shirt! I hate how amazing hairdressers can make your hair look and then when you do it yourself its never as nice! xx

  8. I think this is the perfect outfit for going out for dinner! Love it, love the tshirt! I'm following now!

  9. I am often overdressed. Overdressing is fun.

  10. Love your clutch bag :) Your hair looks gorgeous too! :)

    Love, Rachel

  11. Lovely outfit. Simple but still looks great!

  12. Aaaaaah I hope your dinner went splendidly hun, this outfit is very cozy and cute. I always have a problem wearing innapropriate clothing to dinners haha (read: tight clothes) which is NOT good if your tummy expands like not other! haha

    Eeli xo

  13. So cozy. I need more clothes like this for school. Great outfit!

  14. I adore your top and purse. X

  15. Your studded clutch is amazing, I love it :)

    cute blog :)

    I'd love if you could visit my blog, if you like it maybe we could follow each other?

    Georgi xx

  16. love the look! soo edgy!

  17. Nice outfit, you look lovely! :) x

  18. Adore the studded clutch, hun! Gorgeous! xo, Megs


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